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Six hand-pieced bowtie quilt blocks, circa 1935, each 3″ square.

And there are many more!

Kay’s Christmas quilt – almost finished.

Elizabeth’s autumn leaves creation.

Kay’s fabulous tote.

Elizabeth advises Debra on quilting motifs for her red and green applique’ beauty.

A portion of the large, bright meeting room.

Charlotte’s skyline from the 10th floor of Elizabeth’s building.

Being an artist is often a lonely occupation.  I need quiet and solitude when designing, but missed the fellowship I’d known in groups to which I’d belonged years ago.  I missed sewing with my late Mother and sewing with my sister.  I needed friends!

Early this year, I was lucky enough to grab the last spot in a newly formed quilting bee through my quilt guild.  And it was for folks in my neighborhood!  Yea!  I purposely joined this group because I knew almost none of the members.

This venture has turned out to be just what I needed.  As a member of the Queen Bee, I’m getting to know some great women.  We laugh, we share, we listen, and of course we EAT!  What began as two-hour morning meetings has turned into quilt-a-thons.

Elizabeth was our hostess this month.  Her retirement home has a fabulously huge room on the 10th floor. It was lovely and bright, complete with hot coffee and tea and the most divine blueberry scones I’ve ever had!  Oh my.

Above are photos of our day. Word has gotten out that “the quilters” were in the building.  A woman and her daughter arrived with a grandmother’s flower garden quilt top complete wiwth pathways of 1930’s green.  Her daughter had dozens of 3″ bowtie blocks, all perfectly hand-pieced with the tiniest stitches.  These women were not quilters and needed information.  “What do I do with these?  How do I finish this?  Do you know anyone who could quilt this for me?”  We oohed and ahed over the 1930’s treasures – such a treat to see.  And the mother and daughter left armed with information on how to finish and care for their family heirlooms.  It was a great day!

3 responses to “Buzzing”

  1. Carol Gamble says:

    Hi Ellen!
    I miss quilting with you too! In fact, I have not been quilting at all and I miss it so much. You have inspired me to begin again…
    Was that photo from Sharon Towers?
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Diane says:

    This is a great post Ellen….Getting a grip here..hoping to join in in December…Diane

    • Ellen says:

      Thanks, Diane. Have been thinking of you and hope things are better. Hope to see everyone Monday at my house.

      Love –

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