My Friend Carol

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Carol McLaughlin with “Blue Winter Star Flakes,”  judged  Best of Show/Traditional

Carol is an inspiration!  I first met her when teaching my Quilting 101 beginner class at Sewing Arts Studio in southeast Charlotte.  From the very beginning, Carol showed great enthusiasm, jumping right in with both feet.  Always smiling, her bright spirit was contagious.

Carol is a great example of why I love to teach.  She was like a sponge, wanting to soak up every bit of knowledge I would share.  In watching her, I was taken back to the day I was introduced to quilting, studying with the late Ellen Eanes.  I had left class  looking for an all night fabric store!  I never wanted to stop quilting and knew I had found my life’s work.

I tell all my students about the Charlotte Quilters’ Guild and encourage them to attend a meeting of like-minded artists.  Ever enthusiastic, Carol not only came to meetings, she became actively involved, volunteering again and again.  All this time, she kept quilting, honing her skills.

I was so proud of Carol when she shared her traditionally pieced “Blue Winter Star Flakes” quilt which had won 1st place  and Best of Show/Traditional in last weekend’s Charlotte Quilters’ Guild show, “Through the Garden Gate”.  I am in no way taking even a wee bit of credit for Carol’s success.  All I did was open the door and give her a little nudge.  How’s that for a fabulous payoff!

Congratulations, Carol!  Here’s a big “attagirl” from me to you.  xo

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